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All About 7/10 - AKA "Dab Day"

7/10, also known as Dab Day, is one of the bigger cannabis holidays. It is also one of the newest. If you’ve never heard of 710 before, you’re not alone! Find out more about the holiday, where the name came from, how it differs from 4/20, and the many ways to join in this increasingly popular day of cannabis celebration.

710 Day, or 7/10 falls on the 10th of July every year. It’s considered one of the larger cannabis holidays, shadowed of course by the ubiquity of 4/20 and Green Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving). Each of these holidays marks the occasion for celebrating safe access to and use of cannabis products. There are, however, a couple key differences between 420 and 710. While 420 is a general celebration of cannabis culture, 710 specifically calls for the admiration and consumption of cannabis oils and concentrates. These are commonly consumed as dabs, or via the process of dabbing. It is for this reason that 710 is sometimes also referred to as Dab Day.


The exact origin of 710 is, like so much of cannabis culture lore, difficult to pinpoint. The most obvious and commonly cited source of the holiday is simply that 710 turned upside down, is OIL. But other stories of Dab Day’s origins bear more interesting fruit.

For instance, many believe the date of the holiday was inspired, like so many other cannabis-related references, by the Grateful Dead. The band’s charter members—Jerry Garcia, Bill Kreutzmann, Phil Lesh, Ron McKernan and Bob Weir—all lived together at 710 Ashbury Street from 1966 until 1968. That’s right, 710 Ashbury Street. This is where the band’s musical style was born, and remains a destination for Deadheads from across the world.

Other sources attribute the creation of 710 Day to rapper and cannabis activist Taskrok. In 2011, Task & Linus came out with an album called The Movement, which included several not-so-subtle references to cannabis concentrates, including songs “7:10” and “Boil That Oil.” According to an interview with The Leaf Online, Taskrok and his friends were interested in picking a day to consume cannabis dabs but wanted to choose an alternative to 420. Taskrok suggested July 10th because 710 looks like “OIL” spelled upside-down.

Irrespective the actual origins of 710, the holiday continues to grow in popularity. It’s been helping to normalize and increase awareness around the responsible use of potent cannabis concentrates, oils, and extracts.



Joining the cannabis community to celebrate 710 can be as easy as making sure cannabis oils, extracts, and concentrates are at the top of your weekend shopping list. Concentrates are available in sativa, indica, or hybrid varieties, in a multitude of forms and textures. Badder, budder, hash, kief, crumble, rosin, sauce, shatter, and sugar are all types of concentrates.

Cannabis extracts allows you to enjoy a higher proportion of cannabinoids and terpenes than you get with raw flowers. Concentrates are usually three to five times more potent than the average THC- or CBD-rich flower equivalent. They are for relatively experienced cannabis consumers looking to step up their game. HerbNJoy tell you how to enjoy cannabis concentrates.


There are several ways in which to consume the cannabis extract. Dabbing and vaping are the most common. Popular concentrates, like budder, badder, and shatter are best vaporized in a technique known as dabbing.

Dabbing is commonly considered to be both a safer and more potent wat to consume cannabis.  The vapor produced by cannabis oils, extracts, and concentrates is anecdotally believed to be less harsh on the lungs while also inducing the desired effects of cannabis more rapidly.


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