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Numerous products provide the benefits of cannabis, yet we at HerbNJoy have seen that traditional flower smoking remains the most popular method. Flower, also known as “bud,” has been processed through cultivation, harvest, drying, and curing. There are a wide variety of strains, terpenes, and ways to smoke to suit almost any preference.

Top-Quality Cannabis Flower

Smoking flower translates into rapid onset. Active effects are felt almost immediately and can last from one to three hours. HerbNJoy offers an extremely wide selection of flower and pre-rolls, including indica, sativa, and hybrid options. Joints are the common choice for smoking and require nothing behind rolling papers and flower. Our pre-rolled joints are all pre-prepared for you to optimize convenience, consistency, and precision dosing.

A Wide Variety of Cannabis Strains – Indica, Sativa & Hybrid

Our interactive menu allows you to narrow options according to THC and CBD concentration levels, brands, and types. We clearly list affects, price and weight to ensure efficient browsing, smooth purchase procedure, and rewarding experience. Visit us in-shop at our Chula Vista and Hanford locations for your recreational and medical marijuana needs, or utilize our delivery service in the Walnut Creek area.

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