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Cannabis Strain of the Week: Gushers

Gushers is a prized Indica-dominant hybrid known for its explosive flavor.

Strain: Gushers
Type: Hybrid (Indica Dominant)
Notes: Sweet, Tropical, Spice
Mood: Euphoric, Relaxing, Tingly
Main Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene

Gushers is an Indica-Dominant Hybrid made from Triangle Kush x Gelato 41. The strain was developed on the West Coast in the ’10s by Cookie Fam Genetics, making it an official member of the Cookies family. This highly sought-after strain can now be found worldwide, and is presently cultivated by several California-based brands offered by HerbNJoy, including Connected Cannabis and Smarty Plants.

Named after the once popular gummies filled with fruit juice, this high-THC, low-CBD cultivar lives up to its name, providing a veritable explosion of fruity aromatics and flavors that deliver tingly feelings of euphoric relaxation.

Indeed a special treat, the Gushers nugs are dense and compact, but fluffy. Dark green and purple buds covered in orange hairs and glistening with resin give the flower a rock-candy vibe. An appearance that lends itself to the strain’s other confectionary attributes.

Both smell and taste are layered and vibrant. The bouquet has a fruity and herbal aroma punctuated with touches of cinnamon, berries, and grapes. Flavors follow a similar profile, combining tropical tartness with the creaminess of cookies in each toke, along with some peppery earth accents baked in for good measure.

Gushers has a sublime terpene profile, consisting primarily of Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene. Caryophyllene provides notes of cloves, pepper, hops; Limonene is responsible for the strong citrus accents; and the ever-important Myrcene delivers an earthy, vegetal quality. Notable secondary terpenes include Phellandrene (mild notes of wood and mint) and the sweet herbal profile of Valencene.

Find your choice of Gushers at HerbNJoy

A flower of renowned potency and complexity, Gushers is a powerful experience for the senses, perfect for an inspired daytime lift or a comfy evening wind-down.

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