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Cannabis Strain of the Week: MAC

Strain: MAC 1, aka The MAC
Type: Hybrid (Indica Dominant)
Notes: Citrus, Earth
Mood: Upbeat, Energetic, Euphoric
Main Terpenes: limonene, pinene, caryophyllene

MAC 1, also known as The MAC, is a hybrid cross of Alien Cookies and Miracle 15. Like many of the flower featured in our Top 50 Strains, the MAC is part plant, part legend.

Short for “Miracle Alien Cookies,” the hybrid was first grown by Oregon-based breeder Capulator, and ever since, growers of MAC 1 have been carefully selected by the breeder in order to protect the quality of this unique strain.

Half Moon Grow is one such licensed farm in the city of Half Moon Bay (San Mateo County, California) growing MAC 1. Cofounders Aneese Bishara and Ed Wilkinson founded their farm in 2019, becoming the county’s first licensed cannabis growing facility. Like Cap, they pride themselves on growing quality, exotic, craft cannabis.

MAC consists of some seriously frosty, seriously sticky nugs with a reputation for delivering an easygoing and upbeat high. Covered in milky trichomes, MAC is a sight to see, and something else to smell. Fans report notes of citrus, earth, and cheese. Yes, cheese. Bleu cheese, to be exact.

The smoke is smooth and creamy, and the taste is dank and tart with undertones of orange and sour cherry. The terpene profile is distinct and funky, with the most dominant terpene being limonene, a citrus-centric terpene. Other terpenes include pinene (pine) and caryophyllene (notes of cloves, pepper, hops), adding a zingy freshness and spice to the experience.

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All in all, MAC 1 is an eccentric but dependable favorite—a special, premium, day-and-night bud worthy of all cannabis connoisseurs’ attention.

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