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Cannabis Strain of the Week: Pineapple Express

A stoner – Pineapple Express weed strain

A strain that came to the limelight with the all-famous stoner comedy starring Seth Rogen and James Franco

  • Category: Sativa
  • Flavor: Pineapple, Citrus, Tropical
  • Mood: Happy, Creative, Uplifted, Energetic, Alert

Some believe that the strain Pineapple Express is named after the stoner comedy by the same name. Others think that the movie took its name from the strain. Did the movie come first or the strain? Good question!

The real story…

The truth is that the weed strain has been around for much longer. However, the strain Pineapple Express rose to greater fame after the movie was released in 2008. Today Pineapple Express is one of the most popular cannabis strains. Marijuana lovers have a soft spot for this sativa dominant strain. It is an all-day favorite and can be had in the morning, afternoon or early evening for a nice creative buzz. Pineapple Express keeps you alert, happy and uplifted. It energizes you with the ability to tackle any task at hand.

Getting to know Pineapple Express

What kind of flavor can you expect from a strain called Pineapple Express? A no brainer! But it doesn’t stop there. The dominant terpenes caryophyllene, limonene, and pinene contribute to more than a fruity flavor. Users have reported tastes of earthy pine and floral with citrus that can linger in your mouth long after. It keeps you in a wave of euphoria that could transport you to Hawaii for a thrill.

Pineapple Express descends from a well-known lineage. It was created by crossing Trainwreck and Hawaiian. That’s probably why you start feeling like you’re there! The buds are dense and curly resembling popcorn. Pineapple Express with its unique shape has deep green buds with bright orange hairs decorated with sparkling sugar crystals.

Reach out for Pineapple Express

Pineapple express gives you cerebral energy to get moving. It helps you focus with a calm disposition. On those days when you are looking for that extra bout of energy or creative focus, reach out for some Pineapple Express. HerbNJoy carries a fine selection of cannabis flower, vapes, concentrates and pre-rolls. You can also opt for a more social consumption style with cannabis infused edibles. Check out the menu and Pineapple Express options at

Beverly Hills, LA

Pineapple Express is a well-balanced strain, not too potent but enough to give you an enjoyable euphoria. It facilitates your activities and keeps you in high spirits.

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