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Cannabis Strain of the Week: Red Eye OG

Strain: Red Eye OG
Type: Indica
Notes: Lemon, Kush
Mood: Euphoria, Relaxation
Main Terpenes: Limonene, B-Caryophyllene, Linalool, and Myrcene

HerbNJoy is always grateful for the opportunity to work with prestigious partners such as Cannabiotix (CBX) to provide our communities with safe access to the best premium flower available. We’re especially stoked to highlight CBX’s RED EYE OG, a “limited-edition” strain we have the honor to exclusively launch at HerbNJoy Beverly Hills.

Cannabiotix RED EYE OG is an elite SFV OG phenotype that’s a supremely flavorful and potent Indica. With a whopping 4.99% terpene content, RED EYE OG was named one of the tastiest strains of all time by High Times magazine. No surprise, considering the legacy of CBX’s portfolio. Owner-operator Neema Samari is an experienced West Coast grower, and his knack for collecting old-school genetics has earned their strains top honors at cannabis cups around the world.

Though the brand first took off in Las Vegas, the roots of Cannabiotix are in California. As High Times reports, “Born and raised in Santa Monica, Neema Samari first got into the cannabis industry as a youngster over 22 years ago. Samari co-founded Cannabiotix back in 2014, and quickly garnered the brand national attention as one of the elite connoisseur cannabis brands in the space… Since re-launching into the CA market in 2020, Samari and his team have quickly grown Cannabiotix into the #1 selling premium flower brand in the state.”

Destined to not disappoint, the RED EYE OG is rich in aroma and taste, providing a potent mix of dank citrus tones accompanied by enticing lemon and Kush flavors. An iconic strain from an iconic cannabis brand, this clone-only OG embodies the classic southern California Kush profile.

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