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Cannabis Strain of the Week: The Exclusive Lady Zaza

A relatively newer and exclusive hybrid strain derived from the popular Blue Dream

  • Hybrid strain
  • Flavor: Citrus, Fruity, Earthy, Sour
  • Mood: Relaxed, Euphoric, Creative, Focused

Getting to know Lady Zaza

Lady Zaza raises the curiosity of many users since it is no easy guess. Words fail to describe the wonderful flavor and taste of this strain. It’s not something so differently unique, but definitely special, enjoyable and worth trying. This is probably how Lady Zaza maintains its exclusivity. It is citrusy and fruity with an underlying earthy and diesel taste. Some users say that it has a sour tinge. The dominant terpene in Lady Zaza is Carene.

Life Enhanced

Currently the Lady Zaza by Heights is the most popular brand. An elusive strain only available at select stores. You can find lady Zaza at HerbNJoy Beverly Hills. One of the best cannabis stores around California, HerbNJoy offers high quality selection of weed products by a large number of brands at the most affordable prices. There are also numerous specials and deals available all week round.

The Lady Zaza flower has a longish grape shaped bud. The dark green and purple flower has a fuzzy appearance and is ladened with snowy white trichomes drowning out the reddish pistils. This attractive bud by Heights is high quality and indoor grown.

The influence of genetics

What makes Lady Zaza special is its lineage. It descends from Blue Dream crossed with Rare Darkness. Blue Dream is one of the top sativa weed strains. Lady Zaza has inherited many qualities from its popular parent Blue Dream which makes it a sought-after strain.

For a relaxing full body cerebral high that sparks creativity and focus turn to Lady Zaza. It’s only when Lady Zaza has you engulfed in her aromatic tastes that you realize how special she is!

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