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Cannabis Strain of the Week: Tropicanna

Tropicanna: A top-shelf sativa

An award-winning top shelf highly desirable sativa strain

  • Category: Sativa
  • Flavor: Orange, Pineapple, Citrus
  • Mood: Energizing, Euphoric, Creative

If you’re looking for a top shelf sativa, then CBX Tropicanna is your strain. It is a strong THC flower with long lasting effects. CBX derived Tropicanna by crossing Orange Crush and SFV OG Phenotype #17. It is among one of the most popular CBX sativa strains and available at HerbNJoy cannabis stores.

Getting to know Tropicanna

Tropicanna has a rich and unique terpene profile with Caryophyllene being the dominant terpene. Akin to being sativa, Tropicanna uplifts and energizes. It sparks creativity, but may not be your ideal smoke if you want to focus on work. This strain induces a euphoric high that makes you chatty and want to indulge in fun activities with friends. Connoisseurs recommend having Tropicanna in the afternoon for an enjoyable rest of the day.

What is Tropicanna like?

The dark green Tropicanna buds are laced with purple trimmings. It appears to be completely drenched in sparkling white trichomes and has orange pistils peering out from underneath it all. Overall, an aesthetically appealing bud that makes you want to have it. It is hard to miss the citrus and tangy flavors in Tropicanna. Users report a strong flavor of orange and lemon with sweet and sour undertones, coupled with hints of berry and herbs. A delicious combination!

Sourcing your CBX Tropicanna

The fruity flavor profile has played a huge role in making CBX Tropicanna so desirable and hot in demand. Pick up your CBX Tropicanna at

Beverly Hills

Tropicanna is a two-time award winner for the High Times Top Ten best tasting strains. Why settle for dank and musty when you can have something that leaves a lovely lingering fruity taste? A life enhancing experience brought to you by HerbNJoy marijuana stores.

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