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GMO strain: Which brands are the most popular in California?


The term “GMO” in the cannabis industry is a short form for “Garlic, Mushroom, Onion.” Over time the strain became popularly known as GMO or GMO Cookies or even GMO Garlic Cookies. This differentiation also helps to avoid the genetic modification connotation. The true origin of this weed strain is a mystery, but conflicting beliefs attribute it to either Divine Genetics or the renowned Spanish creators at Mamiko Seeds. While the origin may be mysterious, the lineage of GMO is clear.

Fortunately, the GMO strain’s parentage is one aspect not obscured by uncertainty. It is an Indica-dominant hybrid, and the result of crossing the esteemed Girl Scout Cookies with the equally well-received Chemdawg strain.

GMO strain marijuana flower next to jar

  1. Chemdawg: also known as Chemdog, holds a revered status among cannabis enthusiasts due to its distinctive diesel fragrance. It has a THC content of approximately 18%, which induces a euphoric and uplifting experience, accompanied by a profound body high. Chemdawg is also known for its potential medicinal benefits.
  2. Girl Scout Cookies: or GSC, is a familiar name to seasoned cannabis users. The strain has garnered numerous accolades, and for good reason too. It boasts a THC composition of 19%. It delivers a potent high that leaves users feeling joyous, relaxed, and with intense cravings. Its popularity is further justified by its dessert-like taste and aroma.


GMO is one of the top 50 cannabis strains. Many cannabis brands grow and market the GMO strain. Some brands sell GMO as a pure strain and others as a mix. You can get GMO in several forms, such as flower, cartridges, prerolls, extracts or even in edible form.

Package of GMO strain flower

  • Flower: Using marijuana flower is often referred to as smoking or consuming bud. It is one of the most traditional and well-known methods of cannabis consumption. When you smoke marijuana flower you get it straight up. The Ember Valley GMO flower 1/8th is a very popular product, especially in the Central Valley region. The popularity of the GMO strain stretches to users buying the flower in full ounces. The Pacific Stone and West Coast Cure GMO ounce packages are a common brand choice among seasoned users. You can’t go wrong with GMO. The California Love Gold GMO x Gush Mints has a lot of takers too! GMO combinations are preferred by users in the Los Angeles region. There are many GMO mixes available, especially for users who desire something a little different.
  • Prerolls: The most common way to consume marijuana flower is to roll it into a joint. A grinder helps to break down the cannabis buds into smaller, more even pieces. This also enhances the surface area, thereby allowing for a more even burn. The next step is to roll the joint. Place the ground cannabis in rolling papers, shape it, and seal the joint. For those who prefer a quicker option, there are cannabis prerolls and blunts available.

GMO strain cannabis oil cartridge

  • Cartridges: Many cannabis users feel that vaping is a healthier method of consuming cannabis, plus cannabis cartridges are considered more discreet than other methods. Vaping can help avoid awkward questions and provide the peace of mind to do your own thing without unwanted comments. ColdFire, Heavy Hitters and Buddies Live Resin are the most popular GMO strain cannabis distillate cartridges brands. The Nasha, Heavy Hitters and Jeeter Juice are the most sought-after disposable GMO vapes.
  • Extracts: There is a large population of dabbers, who prefer to consume cannabis extracts. Pipes and bongs provide an alternative to rolling marijuana flower. Pipes are small and portable, while bongs use water filtration for a smoother smoke. Both offer a quick and efficient way to use cannabis. The well-known brands for the GMO strain extracts are Nasha and Bear Labs. Rosin, Budder, Hash, Ice Water Hash or other types of cannabis extracts are available at the HerbNJoy cannabis dispensaries.


The GMO strain is known for its potent effects. It is often described as having a relaxing and euphoric high with potential therapeutic benefits. The THC content of GMO Cookies can be quite high, making it a choice for users seeking a strong psychoactive experience.

Two different cannabis oil cartridges

Start with a small dose, especially if you’re new to cannabis or trying the GMO strain for the first time. The effects of GMO can vary from user to user so it’s essential to gauge your tolerance and desired experience. Whether you’re consuming marijuana flower or cannabis cartridges, create a comfortable and relaxing environment where you feel at ease. Cannabis consumption is best done at home where you can enjoy the trip.

Cannabis has been a social substance for centuries. Sharing the experience with friends can enhance the enjoyment, but always be mindful of others’ preferences and local regulations. Consume cannabis responsibly, respecting local laws and regulations. It is best to avoid driving or operating machinery while under the influence of GMO Cookies.

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