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Strain of the week: Jealousy

What makes Jealousy Cannabis Strain so popular?

A balanced strain that mentally relaxes and physically energizes

  • An indica leaning hybrid strainJealousy cannabis strain bud
  • Relaxing and tasty
  • Flavor: Fruity, Sweet, Earthy
  • Mood: uplifting, creative, euphoric


Jealousy is a newcomer among the cannabis strains. It has made a name for itself with being named the “Leafly Strain of the Year 2022”.  This indica leaning hybrid weed strain is a potent strain with a THC value in the high 20s.


Where does Jealousy come from?

Let’s delve into its origins to deciphers what is behind this unique and flavorful strain. A carefully crafted combination of two popular strains: Sherbert Bx1 with Gelato 41. This strain was originally created by Seed Junky Genetics, well known for having created many other great strains.


The strong properties of its parent have contributed to its distinct characteristics. The crossing of Sherbert Bx1 with Gelato 41 has resulted in creating a hybrid which has both energizing and calming properties. It doesn’t end there. To continue its legacy, Jealousy has been further used to create other well-known strains.


Life enhanced EXPERIENCE

Like every cannabis strain, Jealousy stands out with its unique set of effects. Users have reported a well-rounded experience, which is a combination of the best of both its parent strains. Some of the more common effects of this strain are:

  • Euphoria: This strain is known for inducing a sense of euphoria and happiness. It can elevate your mood and provide a burst of energy. This makes it the perfect choice for social situations or creative endeavors.
  • Relaxation: Despite its uplifting effects, this strain also offers a subtle body relaxation. It brings on a gentle calmness, which is a great way to unwind at the end of a tiring day.
  • Creativity: Weed that enhances creativity and focus. It is an excellent choice for artists, writers, or anyone seeking inspiration. Bring out your creative talent and produce some of your best works with some Jealousy from HerbNJoy.


Oh taste and see

Jealousy’s flavor profile is a captivating blend of its parent strains, resulting in a distinct and memorable taste experience. Prepare your taste buds for an enchanting journey! It has a deliciously sweet aroma of vanilla and fruity citrus with earthy herbal undertones.

  1. Tropical Sweetness: A marijuana strain that exhibits a sweet and tropical flavor. You can detect notes of ripe fruit, which creates a mouthwatering sweetness.
  2. Earthy and Herbal Undertones: Stemming from its genetics you will find an unmistakable herbal and earthy undertone. The earthy notes balance the sweetness, adding depth to its flavor profile.
  3. Citrus Zest: Some users have reported hints of citrus zest. This brings on a more than welcome refreshing and tangy quality to the taste.
  4. Spicy Finish: A cannabis strain that often surprises users with a subtle spicy kick on the exhale. This spicy element adds complexity to the flavor profile and tends to linger pleasantly on the palate.

The combination of these flavors makes Jealousy a delightful strain. Especially for those who appreciate a diverse and well-rounded taste experience – you have to try this!


What defines the wonderful taste, aromas and effects? It’s all got to do with the terpenes, which largely contributes to the particular effects the strain. This cannabis strain boasts of a terpene profile that complements its overall characteristics.

  1. Myrcene: Myrcene is the most abundant terpene in this weed strain. It is the secret behind the calming and sedative effects that you experience. It also helps in balancing the strain’s energizing properties.
  2. Limonene: Limonene lends the citrusy aroma that we love so much. It also contributes to the uplifting and mood-enhancing effects of the strain.
  3. Caryophyllene: This is usually associated with a fuel aroma. It is also the terpene behind the hint of spiciness we find in the taste.
  4. Pinene: Pinene is known to enhance focus and alertness. This makes it a beneficial terpene for inducing creativity when combined with the other terpenes present in the strain.


Looks can be attractive

A visually captivating bud that matches its effects and flavors. Jealousy’s appearance is as enigmatic as its effects. The buds have a deep purple hue and are typically medium-sized with densely packed trichomes. The vibrant green leaves are often accented by orange pistils, which creates a visually appealing contrast. The buds are sticky to the touch due to the high resin content, which is indicates its potency.


The buds are moderately dense, and provides a satisfying weight in your hand. They’re not overly compact, which makes them easy to grind for consumption. On closer inspection you’ll notice a glistening layer of trichomes covering the surface, giving them an irresistible allure. These tiny, crystal-like structures contain cannabinoids and terpenes, that contribute to the potency.

One step closer

Jealousy’s intensity is not for the faint of heart; it demands to be felt with every fiber of your being. This cannabis strain is a remarkable hybrid that brings together the best of its parent strains. With its uplifting and calming effects, delightful flavor profile, diverse terpene composition, and visually appealing buds, it has earned its place among the favorites of cannabis enthusiasts. Whether you seek creative inspiration or simply a relaxing experience, this is a treasure waiting to be explored. Buy your Jealousy stash at HerbNJoy by selecting your closest location

Beverly Hills, LA

Chula Vista, San Diego


Walnut Creek

On a final note

The effects of Jealousy are a rollercoaster ride to euphoria! As the high sets in, a wave of mental clarity washes over your mind. It releasing all your cares and worries like a gentle breeze. The euphoria that follows suit, lifts your spirits to new heights and inspiring moments of creativity. In the meanwhile, a soothing relaxation spreads through your body, leaving you in a state of tranquil bliss. It’s the balance between mental clarity and physical relaxation, making it a versatile strain that’s perfect for any occasion.


Jealousy is a lovely strain that tantalizes your body with a balanced high. A must try strain. Be forewarned: this strain could captivate you!

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