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Cannabis Strain of the Week: Cereal Milk

Does Cereal Milk take you racing down memory lane to the breakfast you had as a kid? The Cereal Milk weed strain is not far off. With the sweet taste of creamy milk and a fruity berry flavor, you might as well imagine your favorite cereal.

An evenly balanced sativa-indica hybrid strain that keeps you calm and focused. Users describe Cereal Milk as a smooth smoke followed by a warm and happy cerebral high. The dominant terpene in Cereal Milk is Caryophyllene. Myrcene and Limonene are the other terpenes in this popular strain, and responsible for the herbal and citrus undertones.

This enjoyable strain is the result of crossing Y Life with Snowman. Having inherited the best from both parents, Cereal Milk takes you on a gentle ride with a mellow high, without weighing too heavy on the body or the mind. Making it no less than just perfect!

Dense olive green nugs, encased in white glistering trichomes and dark orange hairs, is but a brief picture of the wonderful Cereal Milk flower. The rounded heart shaped buds are large and harbor a minty undertone. However, do not underestimate Cereal Milk, it can be quite potent and has a high THC value.

Cereal Milk with its delightful flavor of ice cream and hints of fruit, is hard to resist even for the experienced. New users will enjoy the gradual euphoria that enables you to feel the effect. This hybrid strain is all purpose – you can have it for a productive day at work, or when you just want to spend a lazy weekend doing nothing much. Get your Cereal Milk from HerbNJoy

Beverly Hills


Chula Vista

Whether you want the energizing boost or just wanna spend a day relaxing. When you’re not sure what to expect from the day, let Cereal Milk bring on the right mood.

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