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Cannabis Strain of the Week: Purple Punch

Settle your day with Purple Punch. This deliciously sweet fruity strain makes the perfect after dinner dessert. The ideal choice for when you just want to have a restful evening. Washing away the tiredness and stress of the day.

Purple Punch is an Indica dominant strain. Even though it has an 80:20 Indica – Sativa ratio it does produce a bit of a cerebral high. It allows you ample time to finish any last-minute pending work with a clear focused head, before the soporific effect kicks in.

The Beauty of the Purple Punch Cannabis Strain

Purple Punch is the result of cross breeding two indica dominant classic strains – Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple. Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, and Pinene are the main terpenes and pack quite a punch. It hits you straight between the eyes, before moving through your body and limbs with an overpowering sense of relaxation.

The neon green buds with purple hues are large and furry, with a few scanty orange hairs running across it. Purple punch flowers are tightly packed and trichome laden. They offer a very enticing aroma of blueberries and grapes. The flavor profile associated with this strain is sweet vanilla blueberry and sour grape candy.

HerbNJoy: Life Enhanced

The manner in which Purple Punch helps to ease your burdens, and alleviate you to a higher plane, is what makes users come back for more, day after day.
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A dose of Purple Punch in the evening is the best way to end the day!

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