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Cannabis Strain of the Week: Sour Diesel

Is your morning a drag? Get the uplifting boost you need from Sour Diesel. A strong sativa strain that never fails to get you off to a good start.

Learn More About the Mysterious Lineage of the Sour Diesel Cannabis Strain

Sour Diesel Cannabis StrainSour Diesel, also referred to as Sour D, grows on the Eastern Coast of America and hence may also be called East Coast Sour Diesel. It has a mysterious lineage. Based on its terpenes, effects and flavor profile, experts have tried to decipher the Sour D parentage. A popular conclusion is that it has some Chemdawg and Super Skunk.

The main terpenes in Sour Diesel are myrcene and limonene. This lofty mix provides the mood-elevating, uplifting and energizing effects that users crave. A real God-send for the slow starters, who need a bit of a push to get the day started.

HerbNJoy: Life Enhanced

Sour Diesel is fast acting, but its effects may not linger as long as you’d like. This strain has a very strong and crushing sativa effect. Some armature users might mistake it for an Indica couchlock. But the energy rush and cerebral high you experience will soon get you going and is definitely refreshing.

Sour Diesel Cannabis Information

The enticing aroma of the Sour Diesel cannabis strain

At first glance, the Sour Diesel bud may not impress you with its uninteresting green color. However, on closer inspection you will see the monochromatic greenish shades traversing through the interiors creating an interesting pattern. These round, medium-sized buds have reddish golden hairs, adding some color to the bud along with the lightly frosted trichomes. If this bud doesn’t visually appeal to you, the aroma and effects most certainly will.

Sour Diesel has a very strong pungent smell like diesel, which practically stinks up the room. This also reveals why the strain is named something as outrageous as Diesel. The usual aroma associated with Sour Diesel is skunk, citrus, and spice with undertones of fuel. The taste users experience is earthy, herbal, and gassy, with a lingering aftertaste of lemon.

Sour Diesel is highly recommended for morning grouches! Surprise everyone with an energetic outlook! Get yours at HerbNJoy –

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