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Cannabis Strain of the Week: Sundae Driver

Sunday Driver is what it sounds like, and it’s not far off from being just that. The Sundae Driver strain is an excellent companion for a relaxing Sunday. It delivers a balanced mellow high and enriches your senses, allowing you to take in the sights, sounds and other beautiful experiences. But, you don’t necessarily have to go out, you can also enjoy Sundae Driver at home.

Sundae Driver Cannabis StrainAre we looking for dessert? Sundae Driver not only sounds like a desert, but tastes like one as well. A sweet fruity taste with a rich chocolate undertone. Sundae Driver comes from a lineage of Fruity Pebbles and Grape Pie, which clearly reveals how it got this delicious sweet and sour fruity flavor. A mild earthy hint and a slight pungency enhances and balances the Sundae Driver flavor profile.

The dominant terpene is limonene which extends energy and an uplifted mood along with a fruity aroma. Other terpenes found in Sundae Driver are caryophyllene and linalool, which lends a deep calmness with a heightened sense of alertness. Sundae Driver has an average THC level. However, having too much of it can intensify your sense of relaxation and make you drowsy. To get the best from this strain, consume it in moderate quantities.

Sundae Driver Cannabis Strain Information

The Sundae Driver appearance can be best described as trichome ladened beautiful green buds with a hue of bright colors loudly proclaiming its genetic lineage. A vibrant red, blue and purple interlaced with glistening red-orange hairs. The Sundae Driver bud is a mesmerizing marvel of colors.

HerbNJoy: Life Enhanced

This perfectly balanced hybrid strain brings on a flood of happiness. It is ideal for relaxing and unwinding at the spa or in front of the TV. Or you can use your energy to indulge in some sporty activity and have fun. Sundae Driver goes well either way.

Let Sundae Driver make your day a memorable one!

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