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Cannabis Strain of the Week: Sunset Sherbet

Leave behind the cares of the world and drift off into the horizon with the sunset. An energized and carefree mind, taking you to places deep in your imagination. Sunset Sherbet brings on a welcoming physical relaxation and a happy cerebral high. This potent indica strain is for connoisseurs on a getaway quest. Novices should seek experienced guidance before experimenting with Sunset Sherbet.

The Berry and Minty Flavor of the Sunset Sherbet Cannabis Strain

Sunset Sherbet - Cannabis StrainPopularly believed to be the heir to the GCS throne, Sunset Sherbet has inherited the best of its parents and their lineage. Created by crossing a female GSC with a male Pink Panties, we get a complex aroma of skunky citrus with sweet berry. Users have described the flavor as enticing and the taste as berry and even minty.

Learn more about the Sunset Sherbet cannabis strain

The oblong buds reflect the colors of sunset. Ranging from bright yellow to neon green with hints of rust, laced with fiery orange hairs, and generously coated trichomes with glistening silver dust. Sunset Sherbet is a real visual treat for a tired and dejected soul.

HerbNJoy: Life Enhanced

The Sunset Sherbet terpenes profile comprises Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Myrcene. This strain has a gentle approach and tenderly eases your burdens away. Like all Indica’s you can expect a good sleep and restful night.

Sunset Sherbet - Cannabis Strain Information

If you’re feeling a bit low – Sunset Sherbet is an excellent mood enhancer, so get your dose without much delay.

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